CBG Kief | CBG White


About CBG White Kief

Just like Hemp Flower, CBG White CBG kief brings similar benefits but is concentrated so you can consume less while still gaining the effects you want.

  • Main Compounds: 34.79% CBG (including 384.41 mg/g CBGA)
  • Top Terps: Guaiol, β-caryophyllene
  • Effects: Relaxed, content, laid back
  • Flavor: Mild lemon and cream
  • Type: Hybrid


Kief collected from CBG White CBG Hemp Flower organically grown

Consuming CBG White Kief

You have plenty of options when it comes to consuming kief. Here are the most popular methods our customers typically use:

  • Edibles – thanks to its “floury” consistency, kief is great to use in baking or cooking
  • Joints – as you roll up your material in paper, you can sprinkle kief across the top
  • Pipes – either add kief to the top of your materials, layer it, or stir it together
  • Vaporizers – like pipes, you can combine kief with your hemp flower strain

Most smokers and vapers agree that the addition of kief enhances and boosts effects while smoothing the overall flavor for extra comfort and pleasure.

No matter which way you consume it, kief is an efficient and economically-savvy method of getting the cannabinoids you want in a natural yet potent form.

Kief: The Natural Hemp Concentrate

We have observed that one type of finished plant material that is too often overlooked and underappreciated is kief. For those of you interested in getting the most cannabinoid bang for your buck, kief represents an excellent bargain!

One of the most admired features of any premium hemp bud is the trichomes coating the flower, often silvery and/or sparkly. Those trichomes are rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes, meaning they represent the essence of the hemp flower strain and contribute mightily to the overall effects you experience when smoking or vaping those buds.

Kief refers to the accumulated trichomes that populate the plant and have been sifted through a screen, resulting in a fluffy powdery substance. Because this natural sifting process eliminates excess plant material, it captures and contains higher percentages of the cannabinoids found in the different hemp flower strains you consume. You can also call kief “concentrated resin glands” because of the higher concentration of cannabinoids found in it, which is why we think of it as the original natural hemp concentrate!

Naturally High in CBGA!

Another attractive feature of our CBG White CBG kief is that by nature it is very high in CBGA content. The application of heat will convert CBGA into CBG. During that process, about ⅛ of the total CBGA is dissipated during the heat conversion. For example, if you have 100mg of CBGA, after decarboxylation you would have 87.8mg of CBG.

However, you do not have to convert this CBGA if you don’t want to! With ongoing research into CBGA revealing multiple wellness benefits and potentials, many customers purchase CBG White CBG kief for raw consumption. They are using it in smoothies, teas, and a variety of other foods and getting 100% of the CBGA contained within this therapeutic kief. (As an added benefit, this kief also contains a minor amount of CBG which has also proven to be beneficial in so many different ways!)