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  • Agape Blends

    Agape Blends Logo “Flex-Fit” Hats


    AGAPE BLENDS “FLEXFIT” Hat, comfortable and form-fitting.

  • 2 hats

    Agape Blends Logo Adjustable Velcro Hats


    Our AGAPE BLENDS velcro strap hats will fit all size heads! Chose from two styles.


  • Agape Blends

    Agape Blends Logo T-Shirts


    Available in Agape Green and Agape Earth Tone, Agape Blends Logo T-Shirt comes can be ordered in adult sizes medium, large, XL, and XXL. Please add $3 for XXL.

  • Hemp Socks

    Hemp Leaf Long Hemp Socks


    These brand new hemp socks feature a marijuana & hemp leaf design. These are calf length socks that are 18 1/2″ in length. Hemp being used to make these socks also provides more benefits than regular cotton socks. Hemp has a natural resistance to mold & mildew and is antimicrobial. They’re also able to absorb moisture better ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber which helps create a long lasting, comfortable sock. The hemp used to create our socks is eco-friendly and is cultivated without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

  • Hemptopia Hemp Hats

    Hemptopia Hemp Hats


    This hemp cap was designed for durability. They are comfortable, durable and block 95% of ultraviolet rays while keeping you cool and dry under the sun. The hemp material wicks away moisture and has anti-microbial properties that make them resistant to mold and mildew. These hemp hats are environmentally friendly and are made chemical free. They function and look great for outdoor activities under the sun.

  • Hemptopia Hemp Socks

    Hemptopia Hemp Socks


    These hemp socks are lightweight and comfortable. They provide natural anti-microbial properties to resist mold and mildew. An excellent choice for durability and performance while backpacking or traveling. These hemp socks will allow you to pack light and get longer than normal wear.

Showing all 6 results