Live Life Again: My CBD Testimonial

Matt Neifert Agape Blends Founder

My name is Matt and I’m the founder of Agape Blends.

I’ve​ worked​ with ​various ​Hemp CBD ​companies​ ​the last​ four to five years and I’ve been a hemp and cannabis activist for over 20 years.

I’ve seen an overwhelming​ly​ positive response from customers who have made beneficial gains regarding their health after starting a CBD regimen.​

CBD vs. Pharmaceuticals

I started using CBD as a substitute for pain medication after my second ACL knee reconstruction​ and a collision with a tractor trailer​ all happened ​in the same year. the CBD helped me sleep better and not feel so sluggish the next day as certain pharmaceuticals did. Additionally, CBD helped me relax more and worry less​. Our Frosted Heat 500mg lotion is my favorite product and it’s great for those aches and pains you get from working out, shoveling snow, playing with the kids, or just to limber up after a hard day.

A Father's Story

My father suffered from debilitating headaches and had to retire early because of them. Sometimes it was so bad, he couldn’t even get out of bed. After six years ​of neurologists, tests, and mountains of medication ​with no improvement, he began taking ​Agape Blends capsules last​​ August with no expectations. Over the course of the next few months, the time interval between headaches increased and the intensity decreased. ​Every other week, then one every three weeks, in fact, January 2018 was the first full month that he hasn’t had one in almost a decade. At this writing, he is a bit under one headache every six weeks, and he is out of bed by noon when they do occur.

I have heard countless stories of peoples lives improving with the use of Hemp CBD and Agape Blends was my response to seeing undesirable products with questionable ingredients in a myriad of places. No proper labeling, no dosing, variable product quality, get-rich-quick scams or pyramid schemes, positive microbial or residual solvent tests, synthetic cannabinoids, and other terrible things were happening in the industry and there were very few companies that were reputable.

We only use CO2-extracted hemp and each product has a cannabinoid profile listed on our website to show customers exact percentages for each batch. Most of our products are vegan and do not contain any additives, corn syrup, dyes, GMOs, and other undesirable ingredients. We hope to help people substitute pharmaceuticals with a natural and healthy alternative and start living life again! ​

Does CBD help everyone for every ailment? No, but its’ regular use can greatly increase the quality of life for many people for a variety of reasons. Let’s hear your story of how CBD has helped change your life for the better. 

I also want to to extend my sincerest thanks to each and every customer who has tried our products and especially my wife who has given me the support to take on this endeavor and help me get to where I am today.

Yours in Health,

Matt Neifert
Agape Blends Owner/Founder